Special Occasions

Let Tu Moda be the host to your next special event!

Tu Moda has the ability to accommodate up to twenty people. However large or intimate your group may be, we can provide catering services, spa treatments, and professional coordination to complement any event.

All such gatherings are assigned to our event coordinator who will assure that your time here will be properly staffed and presented with customary Tu Moda expertise and style.

Bridal Services

Priced Upon Consultation

From bridal showers to wedding days, Tu Moda has witnessed joyous occasions and has been the scene of many unique gatherings. Staffed according to your needs, Tu Moda guarantees experiences that will rank as fond memories of this special time in your life. Our coordinators are available to arrange for parties large or small, elaborate or elegantly simple. You may reserve spa services to accommodate your needs.

Tu Moda Bridal Package

$606 & Up

Special service is yours as a Tu Moda bride. This package includes a French manicure and French Pedicure, Tu Moda Spa facial, one hour Aromatherapy Massage, your hair and Make-Up trial, and your hair and Make-Up for your wedding day! One of our consultants will coordinate your appointments, scheduling, and staff recommendations. Your wedding day lip color and gratuities are included.