With oh-so many choices to select from, from colors to designs, our certified technicians are always ready make it happen. The most relaxing, simple, and fun experience makes it totally well worth the visit.

*prices are subject to change

Classic & French Manicure

First, a relaxing soak softens the skin so cuticles and nails can be neatly groomed. Moisturizing products are then applied in a soothing massage. Your choice of polish is then artfully applied to leave your hands looking as wonderful as they feel.

Classic Manicure - $25
French Manicure - $30

Spa & French Spa Manicure

Our most luxurious, anti- aging manicure. After a moisturizing soak, your nails and cuticles are carefully groomed. Next, a unique combination of aromatherapy oils and warm sea salts are applied to the hands and arms, followed by a soothing hand massage that will melt away tension. After a rehydrating paraffin treatment, your choice of color will be applied for the perfect finishing touch.

Spa Manicure - $38
French Spa Manicure - $42

Stress-Fix Manicure & French Polish

This soothing manicure begins with a relaxing hand soak in a sugar and mineral rich salt bath infused with an aroma clinically proven to reduce the feelings of stress. Then your nails will be cleaned and groomed, followed by a unique hand massage that includes a Chinese pressure point that is said to loosen the muscle tension in the hand, alleviate headaches and is excellent for enhancing general good health. This calming manicure finishes with an application of nail polish of your choice.

Stress-Fix Manicure - $38
French Polish - $42

Paraffin on Hands/Feet

This moisturizing treatment can be added to any manicure or pedicure. After your hands and/or feet have been massaged, they will be dipped into heated paraffin wax and wrapped in warm mitts, leaving your hands and feet nourished and pampered.


Polish on Fingers

OPI GelColor Polish

Polish on Fingers - $16
French Polish on Fingers - $18

Gel Color Polish

This LED-cured, high shine super GEL polish gives the ultimate polished look! OPI’s new GelColor technology cures quickly with results that last up to two weeks.

Gel Color Polish - $42 & Up
Gel Color Polish - $48 & Up
Gel Polish Soak Off removal only - $10
Soak Off with another service - $5

*prices are subject to change

Pumpkin Pedicure (seasonal)

A warm foot bath eases away stress and fatigue. Cuticles and nails are then carefully groomed, and an invigorating exfoliation with a pumpkin sugar scrub leaves your skin soft and supple. Next, a pumpkin hydrating mask is applied followed by the best part: a relaxing foot massage with a pumpkin lotion that melts away tension. Finally, nail color is applied, and you will be ready to Fall back into your day with your feet feeling great!


Therapeutic Pedicure

A warm Jacuzzi® foot bath eases away stress and fatigue. Cuticles and nails are then carefully groomed, and an invigorating exfoliation leaves your skin soft and supple. Next comes the best part: a relaxing foot massage that melts away tension. Finally, nail color is applied, and you’re back on your feet feeling great.

Therapeutic Pedicure - $54
French Therapeutic Pedicure - $59

Spa Pedicure

All the luxury of the therapeutic pedicure followed by a customized masque and paraffin treatment for extra hydration and skin softness.

Spa Pedicure - $72
French Spa Pedicure - $77

Stress-Fix Pedicure & French Polish

This pedicure not only helps relieve the physical stress and tension that your feet carry, but the stress-fix aroma used during this unique treatment is clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress as well. Relax your feet in warm sugar and mineral rich salt bath, followed by cuticle and nail grooming. A hydrating lotion infused with french lavender, lavandin and clary sage will be massaged into your feet incorporating the ancient healing of foot reflexology.

Stress-Fix Pedicure - $73
French Polish - $77

Peppermint Pedicure (seasonal)

A cooling pedicure for tired and aching feet. Includes an exfoliating peppermint scrub followed by a cooling mint mask that leaves your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Peppermint Pedicure - $79
French Peppermint Pedicure - $84
Polish on Toes - $21
French Polish on Toes - $26
Gel Polish on Toes - $20
Toe Nail Clip & File - $14

Due to the limited availability and the amount of Last-Minute Cancellations and NO SHOWS, we are forced to take a credit card for ALL reservations.  A failure to cancel before 48-hours or NO SHOW will result in the FULL charge of your service.  We hope you will understand that all our service providers work on commission and when clients NO SHOW or don’t give us a 48-hour notice for their appointment it affects their wages.

We hope you do not take it personal, but unfortunately it is the way we must do business now due to the amount of lost revenue. We always appreciate your loyalty, patronage, and value you as our client.