Body Treatments

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Coconut & Lime Exotic Glow


Fresh coconut and tangy lime together in a tropical-inspired, hydrating body treatment. Your skin will be deeply cleansed, exfoliated and quenched, leaving it glowing, vibrant and flawless. Relax as you body lingers under the warm waterfalls of our custom Vichy shower. A sea salt-based scrub stimulates the skin, improves texture, unclogs pores and prepares the skin for a soothing application of a rich antioxidant and vitamin coconuts lime butter cream. This tropical indulgence will leave your skin hydrated and glowing!



Exotic, detoxifying and refreshing. Your body will be wrapped in Fango Mud, a rich, seaweed-based mixture containing vitamins, minerals and volcanic ash, with paraffin added to seal in moisture. The paraffin is then pulled away, revealing smoother, firmer skin.

Chocolate Body Indulgence


A zero-calorie treat that is absolutely indulgent! This fat-free hydrating body massage is rich with antioxidants that offer amazing nutritional value for your skin and body. During this luxurious body therapy, you skin will be exfoliated with a scrumptious chocolate scrub. To add something even sweeter, we will also treat you to a muscle-melting full body massage with warmed chocolate cream to ensure your experience is nothing short of delicious.

Chocolate Mousse Wrap


Chocolate is one of the tempting of all treats and is also known for being rich with antioxidants that offer amazing nutritional value to your skin. During this decadent body therapy, custom exfoliating gloves will soften your skin, leaving it ready for a rich application of a self heating chocolate mask made with real cocoa. Next, your tension will melt away while the hydrating nutrients from this sweet treat are absorbed into your skin as you are cocooned in a warm chocolate heaven. A chocolate moisturizer is then applied, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Wine Wrap


Using the powerful anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties of the grape, this tantalizing body wrap treatment is perfect for sun damaged, dry, and aging skin. It removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates, and fades age spots due to over exposure to the sun. A warm Wine Mask and Champagne Oil are gently brushed onto your entire body. Then, you will be wrapped in a cozy cocoon to promote absorption of the grapes’ vital nutrients and vitamins. The original formula was developed by Dr. Bill Comiskey as a skin cancer treatment. You will leave with healthy skin that feels like silk.Available only with a body treatment. Available in thirty or sixty-minute sessions. Available only when scheduled with a massage therapist.

Massage Add-On

30 Minutes


60 Minutes